Specialty Services

Integrated Behavioral Health/Primary Care program in Muscogee County capable of assessing the various medical and behavioral needs of the person served in an integrated manner. New Horizons Behavioral Health collaborates with a physician from Mercy Medical to provide assessment and monitoring of medical conditions of the person served. The person served also receives psychiatric and nursing treatment along with peer support group activities.

New Horizons offers free HIV and Hepatitis C testing to all citizens in Columbus and surrounding areas.  The testing is confidential, free, and rapid.  Results will be given in as little as 15 minutes.

Women's Treatment and Recovery Services  (WTRS) offers prioirty admission for pregnant women and IV drug users. The Women’s Treatment and Recovery Services (WTRS) view recovery as an ongoing process to improve health and wellness and live satisfying self-directed lives for women. 

WTRS helps to identify barriers to employment, education, housing, family roles and responsibilities, and to identify unique strengths,preferences, and natural supports in the community.  Our target population is women with substance use disorders who are pregnant and/or parenting children under the age of 13 years, but also includes all eligible women.  

Our WTRS program works with individuals who are at high risk for relapse, are pregnant, have Child Protective Services or Family Support Involvement, criminal justice involvement, psychiatric disorders, and are sufficiently medically stable to participate in treatment.

Our WTRS Program is committed to providing flexible care that is engaging and empowering to help addicted women be better mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. We are committed to providing holistic and gender responsive care. Call (706) 372-0279 for Intake and Admission to the program.

Started over 5 years ago with funding provided by SAMHSA, the MPower Project is specifically designed to address the needs of young gay and bisexual men.  The MPower Project provides peer led groups for men that focus on substance use amd abuse, the misconceptions about safe sex, negotiating safer sex, the importance of getting HIV tested frequently, overcoming personal issues, and offering support to friends.  Individuals attending these meetings can expect to experience personal and community empowerment as well as community building around topics related to MSM,gay, and bisexual men.  Call (706) 372-0279 for information about the program.

W.O.W. (Women of Worth) is funded by SAMHSA and designed to specifically address the needs of women with addictive disease.  The W.O.W. Program provides substance abuse treatment and life skills training that focus on the individual worth.  Using the Boston Constortium to enhance the MATRIX Addiction Treatment,  women can expect to experience personal empowerment as well as community building. W.O.W. also offers free rapid and confidential HIV and HEP C testing. Call (706) 372-0279 for Intake and Admission to the program.

P.A.T.H, or Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness,  is a program administered by SAMHSA designed to serve individuals who are homeless or in immediate danger of becoming homeless.  Support is provided through short-term case management services, monetary assistance with rent, utility deposits, and other goods and services needed to establish households.  Case managers provide linkage to housing, screening and diagnostic treatment services, rehabilitation services, community mental health services, and alcohol and drug treatment services.

SSI/SSDI Outreach Assistance and Recovery (SOAR) is a project funded by SAMHSA designed to assist those who have a psychiatric illness and are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless with gaining access to SSI or SSDI benefits.

Therapeutic Foster Care is an intensive, individualized service designed to treat emotionally and behaviorally challenged children in a family setting. Our TFC Program offers both a highly structured and highly individualized service. As such, the components of the services are, by definition, unique to each child and family. TFC Foster Parents are supported by skilled social services professionals who possess the formal education and experience to guide each foster family throughout the treatment process. Our TFC homes are places of healing, hope and stability for children and teens in need of sanctuary and permanency. Want to learn more?  Contact Key Wheeler, Program Director at 706-596-5512.

The Georgia APEX Program provides School-Based Mental Health Services to the Chattahoochee County School District.  The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Office of Children, Young Adults, and Families, has provided funding to New Horizons Behavioral Health, a Tier 1 Service Provider, to build capacity and infrastructure for school-based mental health services in the county.  Using nationally recognized evidenced-based interventions, New Horizons' school-based mental health program leads to a variety of positive outcomes for students, their families, and their schools. 

Jail Services are provided through a contract between the City of Columbus and New Horizons Behavioral Health to provide all Mental Health Services at the county jail.  The contract includes psychiatric services, suicide prevention, group and individual counseling, and other services. New Horizons staff members link interested inmates with follow-up services at New Horizons or other local providers.

Adult Court Services are provided through a collaboration between the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit, the Columbus Consolidated Government and New Horizons Behavioral Health to provide Mental Health and Substance Abuse Outpatient Services to individuals involved in the justice system who would benefit from court-supervised treatment.