Behavioral Health

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Case ManageMENT and intensive case management 

Case Management provides help to individuals seeking access to treatment and wanting to enhance their overall wellbeing and personal recovery.  Case managers help individuals learn skills associated with medication management, wellness, symptom management, and treatment compliance.  Intensive Case Management is designed to meet the needs of people transitioning out of higher levels of care such as Crisis Programs, and to prevent the need for future inpatient care.


Counseling is available for adults, children, adolescents, and families to address a wide range of concerns.  Services are provided by trained, caring professionals in individual and group settings.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Groups

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Groups provide therapeutic social skill building for individuals needing to increase and maintain competence in daily life activities and gain the skills needed for them to become more independent in the community.

Peer Support Groups

Peer Support Groups provide structured activities that promote socialization, recovery, wellness, self-advocacy, development of natural supports, and maintenance of community living skills.  Groups structured to provide interaction between people with common issues and needs, and are client driven, initiated, and managed.

Whole Health and Wellness Groups

Whole Health and Wellness Groups aim to support the whole person.  A wellness coach assists the person with setting his/her own personal goals while introducing health objectives as an approach to accomplishing overall wellbeing. The Wellness Coach and medical professionals provide health skill building and support.


Psychiatrists, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners provide treatment and education on addiction, mental illness, and medications used for the treatment of mental illness symptoms.  Individuals are assessed by a nurse and counselor at each visit to ensure continuity of care and that treatment needs are being met.  Medication management appointments allow the individual to speak regularly with a medical professional about the benefits of treatment using medication, side effects, and overall well-being.


IPS (Individual Placement and Support) is an evidenced-based practice that was developed to help promote the recovery of people who have serious mental illness through work.  The program is designed to help individuals to find competitive jobs that pay at least minimum wage.  Employment services are integrated with mental health treatment team services. Competitive employment is the goal.  

Residential Services

New Horizons offers several different levels of support through residential services to meet people where they are in the management of mental illness.

Shelter Plus Care Program is a scattered-site housing program in Harris County funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Community Affairs.  Rent is subsidized for those who qualify through documentation of homelessness and a mental health/addictive disease diagnoses. Case Managers provide assistance with medication monitoring, doctor appointments; daily living skills, housekeeping, shopping and other related needs in order to maintain the consumer within the community.

Willow Glen is a twenty eight-unit apartment complex.  The project is the result of collaboration between New Horizons, DCA, and The Housing Authority of Columbus Georgia.  Case management is provided onsite by New Horizons staff to assist residents with developing independent living skills.  The apartment complex offers residents’ access to an exercise room, laundry facilities, and computers to aide in job searches and vocational skill building.

Group Homes are located in Muscogee and Stewart counties.  One of the homes in Muscogee County, Veteran’s Parkway Intensive Training Residence (ITR), is a four-bed intensive group home designed to serve individuals who have documented severe and persistent mental health diagnoses. Red Hill Adaptive Group Residence in Stewart County is designed to serve six chronically homeless men with documented mental health diagnoses.  Supervision, supervision of medication, and training in skills needed to live independently are provided.

New Horizons Behavioral Health was awarded CARES Grant Funding to provide additional residential services in our rural areas. We currently serve the following rural counties: Chattahoochee, Randolph, Clay, Stewart, Quitman Harris, and Talbot.  Individuals who choose to relocate to these areas may be eligible for these services and must meet eligibility criteria. Services offered include:

ESG/Rural Rapid Rehousing – designed to help those who are homeless with transitioning into permanent housing in our rural counties. Please contact Program Director Michele Howard at 706-366-7032 or to learn more.