Corporate Compliance

New Horizons Behavioral Health is strongly committed to the protection of client rights, privacy, and the ethical treatment of all who seek help from us.

Corporate Compliance is a formal process designed to assure compliance with New Horizons’ Code of Conduct, Facility Ethics Policy, Code of Business and Marketing Practices, policies and procedures, federal, state and local laws, accreditation standards, regulatory guidelines, credentialing agency requirements, and licensing boards. The process includes promoting an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct through ongoing training and coaching of staff, regular monitoring and auditing, clear disciplinary standards, risk analysis, and mechanisms for reporting.  Compliance is a shared responsibility among all those employed with New Horizons Behavioral Health.

The Compliance Program is intended to empower all those connected to New Horizons Behavioral Health, employees and clients alike, with opportunity and clear expectations for reporting fraud, abuse, criminal activity, and breaches of confidentiality.  Concerns around these issues can be reported anonymously and directly to the Corporate Compliance Officer using the Corporate Compliance Hotline Number:  1-888-355-7330.