NHEAT Program

The NHEAT Fund (New Horizons Employees Achieving Today) is a volunteer employee-giving program that benefits consumers and staff members.  Over 90% of our employees support this fund as they see on a daily basis the unmet needs of the individuals and families we serve.

Employees can donate to this fund and raise donations for this fund.  A Board consisting of staff members representing various programs governs the NHEAT Fund. 

It is divided up into three parts:

  • the Charitable Fund;
  •  the Educational Fund;
  •  and the CARE Fund. 

The Charitable Fund exists to provide emergency financial support to individuals we serve in need of medical services, transportation, medications, rent, utilities, or clothing that is not covered by insurance or Medicaid or that they have no capacity to pay.  Over the past ten years the NHEAT Charitable Fund has assisted individuals with such costs as new eye glasses, dental treatments, new shoes for children. and medication co-pays.

The Educational Fund is available to both employees and individuals receiving services for a limited amount of educational benefits. Employees may use educational funds to earn advanced degrees, work towards licensure and other eductional opportunities that support the Mission of New Horizons Behavioral Health.

The CARE Fund exists to support employees and individuals in service who have undergone a significant tragedy or catastrophic event in their lives, for example: a fire; a death in the family; or unexpectedly high medical treatment costs.

Concerned community members may make a tax deductible donation to any of these funds by contacting Molly Jones, NHEAT Administrator and Board Member, at 706-596-5588.