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Georgia Commission on Children's Mental Health

Posted on Aug 15, 2017 at 0:00 AM

 “The Commission on Children’s Mental Health is part of the state’s ongoing efforts to better care for Georgians, particularly our most vulnerable, and it’s a natural progression of the work done by the aforementioned groups. Following my state of the state address in January, I began working with appropriate agency directors, legislators and stakeholders to address issues and suggest policy changes to mental health services provided by the state. This commission will review the programs and areas identified, as well as the funding necessary to make improvements, and report back to me in the fall. Its members will work to help ensure our youngest patients receive the treatment necessary to help them grow up as healthy and productive members of society. I look forward to reviewing their feedback and taking the next steps in reforming mental health services for Georgia’s children.”

The commission members include:

Co-Chairwoman Katie Childers, Governor’s deputy chief of staff of policy

Co-Chairwoman Commissioner Judy Fitzgerald, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities 

Commissioner Frank Berry, Department of Community Health

Director Bobby Cagle, Department of Family and Child Services

Director Teresa MacCartney, Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget and the state’s Chief Financial Officer 

Stephanie Blank, Founding Chairwoman, Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students

Erica Fener Sitkoff, Policy and Outreach Director, Voices for Georgia’s Children

Dr. Jordan Greenbaum, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

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