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The CSB is Me!

Posted on Jan 03, 2023 at 0:00 AM

New Horizons Behavioral Health is participating in a statewide campaign to raise awareness of the critical importance of Community Services Boards (CSB) in assuring behavioral health services are available to everyone in Georgia. ‘The CSB is Me’ campaign provides real-world examples of how the state’s CSBs – agencies like New Horizons Behavioral Health – help local residents who may be low-income, uninsured or underinsured access treatment for mental health challenges, substance use disorders and intellectual/developmental disabilities. 

New Horizons Behavioral Health is part of a statewide behavioral health safety-net that ensures everyone in Georgia can get the help they need, in their community, regardless of their ability to pay. With clinical services, crisis services, community-based services and more, Community Service Boards remove barriers to treatment and meet people where they are. As demand for mental health and substance use treatment services is at an all-time high following the pandemic, Community Services Boards are more important than ever.

Ms. Andrea Winston, CEO of New Horizons Behavioral Health is proud of the Agency, its long history in the community, and the work it does in west central Georgia meeting the needs of children, teens, adults and families.

“New Horizons Behavioral Health, formerly known as New Horizons Community Service Board has a long standing history of being the provider of choice in this area. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the those suffering from behavioral health issues. We here at New Horizons understand that the largest public health emergency right now in this nation is not the pandemic however it is the massive assault on our mental health as individuals. Our Community Service Board continues outreach efforts to educate the public on mental health needs as well as providing support and treatment for those individuals and families impacted by the many stressors that have emerged in today's society. If it were not for the Community Service Boards and the mental health safety-net they provide in our state, many people would continue to suffer under what is now a very treatable illness.”

Georgia’s 22 Community Services Boards serve all 159 counties in the state, with most CSBs covering multiple counties. In many Georgia counties, the Community Service Board is the only public mental health/substance use treatment provider. Each year, CSBs in Georgia serve more than 29,000 children and adolescents, 144,000 adults with mental health problems or substance use, and more than 5,000 adults with disabilities. Because individuals typically receive multiple services from their local CSB, it is estimated that CSBs in Georgia provide more than a million services each year, making them collectively the largest provider of behavioral health services in the state.

‘The CSB is Me’ campaign is being coordinated by the Georgia Association of Community Services Boards (GACSB), a statewide association that supports the state’s CSBs through policy and legislative advocacy on both the state and national levels. The GACSB website ( allows Georgia residents to search by zip code to find their local CSB, with direct links to each agency’s website.

To learn more about the services provided by New Horizons Behavioral Health, counties served and how to enroll in services, visit or call 706-596-5500.

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